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Transparency to tax payers

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Hudson's leadership keeps continuously failing as they keep the same trash leading a failing system. All they like is to control everything and disregard all. The school committee is part of that problem and it starts with the CHAIRPERSON.

Dear friends, we can request settlement agreements from the school for you if you do not wish to them to know that you are looking for them. If you would like us to do that for you, email us at
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If anyone is aware of any settlement agreements that have not been provided by any school district that we have posted please contact us at our number above or use the contact us

Our goal is to provide: 

Transparency to tax payers

Special education settlement agreements, especially out of district placements, are costly. The public should be aware of how their money is being spent.

Reduce expenses

Public record requests are expensive. We have been quoted thousands of dollars for redaction and copying fees, and then by filing records appeals, been able to get the fees down into the hundreds of dollars. Multiple taxpayers should not have to pay multiple times for the same records. They should be easily available for minimal or no cost. Through our efforts, including filing complaints, we are establishing standards to minimize the costs to obtain these type of records. Ultimately, we believe that they should be made available free of charge to the public and be posted on line.

Reduce time

Public record requests are time consuming. Taxpayers should not have to wait weeks, months or years for documents. People making requests should not have to file complaints to obtain the records. This adds to the delay and also adds to the public paying legal fees to attorneys working for the districts. Ultimately, we think the districts should make properly redacted settlement agreements available on line.

Expose weakness

Special education settlement agreements and out of district placement agreements may show weaknesses in programs. Parents of a district and parents considering moving into a district have the right to know how a district is serving a particular group of students. They may also show disparities that the parents of disabled students within a district should know about and have addressed by the administration.

Help parents negotiate

Parents who are negotiating an out of district placement need this information to make an informed decision.